Company Information

As our customers’ partner, we will forever continue to take on new challenges for a better future.

Create new value with customers

As the solution provider, we strive to deliver new, comprehensive solutions to our customers’ issues. In 2019, we established a new space, called Value Fusion Room, at corporate headquarters. Value Fusion is a term we have coined to mean bringing together and sublimating different values. Through discussions with customers in relaxed atmosphere of this space, we hope to generate new and valuable thinking and ideas that will be of even greater benefit to the world. We look forward to meeting you in this space.

Electronics can enrich lives in the future

Advances in technology have brought significant changes to society and lifestyles. The electronics market is and will continue to be an essential field for the enrichment of people’s lives, in areas such as automobiles, industrial equipment, the global environment, and communication. To contribute to these fields as a solutions provider, it is vital that we consider the various possibilities for future needs and societal vision and offer quality proposals on that basis.

Always cherishing Trust, Confidence and Belief

Our company’s essentials of “Trust, Confidence and Belief” are words that were cherished by the company’s founder. Ever since the company’s foundation in 1945, we have continued to hold this philosophy dear and to pursue it in our long-term relationships with our customers. Upholding our corporate vision of “Enforce Fundamentals” and “Quality First for Customer!” as a guide for our day-to-day actions, all our employees are united as one team to engage in all of their works seriously and sincerely.

President大倉 慎