Five focus domains


With our extensive development track record
in a wide range of domains, we apply advanced technology to respond to diverse development needs.

In the Software domain, based on three pillars, namely the “solutions development business,” “software development business,” and the “licensing business,” we provide customers with high-quality software development and leading-edge electronics technologies to meet their needs. We also have an extensive track record in metering and control software for the aerospace industry. We propose comprehensive solutions, leveraging the wide-ranging development expertise we have accumulated in areas such as the development of platforms and modules, including both hardware and software. Furthermore, we coordinate across all five of our focus domains, uniting to create new solutions.

Initiatives in the Software domain

●Solutions development business

Working alongside our customers from the product planning stage, we select the best combination of devices from numerous suppliers and coordinate with partner companies to set up modular systems. In this way, we support the development of their solutions from both hardware and software aspects. We also assist with the development of prototypes and demonstration systems for trade fairs and the like. Modular platforms, open source, 3D printers, and other technologies can be combined to enable development at lower cost and in shorter time frames.

●Software development business

We have an extensive track record and build-up of expertise in this area, with a focus on automotive-related software. We collaborate with the best partner companies to suit our customers’ preferences. Including development of software for onboard devices, with a focus on CAN, we develop a wide range of automotive software overall, such as various drivers, ADAS-related systems, and AUTOSAR.

●Licensing Business

New technologies are being created in various industries around the world. One example is the advances in the innovation of middleware such as audio functions and video compression technologies, particularly in the game industry. In the licensing business, we carefully select and apply those technologies that will help to solve our customers’ problems, to support more effective, efficient solutions. This fusion of advanced technologies from different domains is creating new value for our customers.

● Development in the aerospace industry

Adhering quality management systems specific to the aerospace and defense industries, we have been involved in numerous projects for the development of metering and control software for aircraft engine performance testing. Leveraging this expertise, we develop and provide metering and control software in many other fields. We are also contributing widely to the aerospace industry through the development of software for operational improvements, such as software for the automatic tracking of component manufacturing.

We develop and propose a variety of solutions.

Creating new services for the age of autonomous driving (MaaS)

Using TOF sensors that collect 3D data with high precision, biosensors and temperature sensors that monitor people’s physical condition, and non-contact technologies to communicate information, we create new services (develop software) from that information and offer it to customers as solutions (occupant detection, condition monitoring, gesture operation, voice operation, etc.).