Five focus domains


Amid a once-in-a-century
era of transformation,
we contribute to the development of next-generation vehicles,
in areas such as
MaaS and CASE.

The automotive industry has been described as being in the midst once-in-a-century era of great transformation. Moreover, the social environment is also changing on a global level, with trends such as declining birth rates and aging populations in Japan and other countries around the world. These trends have also brought about significant changes in what is being demanded of automobiles. Under these circumstances, our business in the Automotive domain is contributing to the evolution of automobiles from diverse angles, such as the promotion of autonomous driving and vehicle electrification, and the creation of new needs through initiatives in and proposals for MaaS and CASE, which are concepts for the development of next-generation vehicles. As a solutions provider, we also leverage our technologies and expertise in various non-automotive domains to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers’ issues in the Automotive domain.

Initiatives in the Automotive domain

●Proposal of Comprehensive Solutions

Combining a wide range of accumulated technologies and expertise, we propose optimal solutions, including complex proposals that encompass multiple aspects from materials to devices, proposals of technologies from various domains that are not confined by our track record on onboard technologies, and system development proposals.

●Proposals for MaaS and CASE

For autonomous driving, sensing technologies that detect the vehicle’s surroundings and the physical condition of the driver are important. We offer a range of sensors, as well as total solutions that include associated software and hardware. In the area of services, we are also engaged in the creation of new services that use cloud computing and other technologies, working with various partners in Japan and overseas.

●Proposals at Trade Fairs

We exhibit at trade fairs that present semiconductors, electronic components, and software that support the evolution of car electronics, where we present our latest proposals. These include a demonstration set of a next-generation cockpit that combines the kinds of products that we handle, as well as solutions that use biosensors and image-recognition cameras.

※MaaS(Mobility as a Service) CASE(Connected、Autonomous/Automated、Shared、Electric)

We offer various proposals to open up the future of the automobile

Demonstration of next-generation cockpit

This demonstration, which imagines the next generation cockpit, pursues functions that monitor the driver and operational support functions befitting the age of autonomous driving. Image recognition technology and biosensors detect whether the driver is drowsy and other aspects of the driver’s physical condition. It is also equipped with a gesture function that allows the driver to control the information on the display panel without having to press buttons or switches, for more comfortable operation.