Five focus domains


Everything starts with
the voices from the field.
We propose solutions
with new ideas
that transcend domains.

In the Medical domain, with the concepts of reliability, safety, and comfort, we make proposals that respond to a diverse range of needs, from advanced systems that alleviate the burden of medical and nursing care workers, such as medical devices, medical robots, and monitoring devices, to equipping medical devices with new functions. Our proposals are based on the advanced electronics technologies and expertise in their application that we have accumulated over many years. Applying our knowledge in a wide range of domains, not just the medical area, we listen to voices of the people working in the field of medical and nursing care scenes and propose solutions with new ideas.

Initiatives in the Medical Domain

● Visualization for medical and nursing care scenes

Tokai Electronics provides support for digitalization and network building in medical and nursing care scenes, working on proposals for visualization in those scenes from new perspectives. We strive to realize solutions that meet the needs in the field, such as the development of systems for tracking test technician records using facial recognition, and monitoring solutions that use biosensors.

We create new solutions for medical, nursing care, and welfare scenes.

Monitoring solutions for medical and nursing care scenes (falls prevention system)

In aged care facilities, patients falling over when they get out of bed is a major problem. We focused on a major reason for patients leaving their bed, namely toileting issues, and are developing new sensors that would solve this problem with new detection methods.

Test technician tracking system for medical scenes

In medical facilities, often, multiple technicians take turns to use multiple testing devices, and there is a need for a speedy and certain system to track these technicians and devices. We propose a system that uses the technology of facial recognition systems to automatically recognize and record the technicians.