Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

Based on our Corporate Policy of “continuing to exist as a corporation which protects the global environment and which is loved and trusted by people”, Tokai Electronics Co., Ltd. and affiliates of Tokai Electronics Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “our group”) recognize that information security is a vital issue for conducting normal and smooth business activities. We have established an Information Security Policy as a guideline for the protection of information which is distributed through our group's network computers, as well as for the protection of information systems such as computers and networks (hereinafter referred to as “information assets”). The policy is implemented as listed below.

1.Protection of Information Assets

In order to ensure the confidentiality and reliability of information assets, our group works to perform appropriate management and to protect information assets.

2.Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Our group complies with laws, regulations and ordinances for information security.

3.Education and Training

Our group conducts education and training necessary to ensure that officers, employees and temporary staff fully recognize the importance of information assets.

4.Continuous Improvement

Our group continuously improves our information security by periodically assessing and revising our Information Security Policy, as well as related regulations and management systems.

5.Accident Response

In addition to working to prevent accidents related to information security, our group promptly takes appropriate action in the unlikely event of a problem. Such action is not limited to accident response, but also includes measures to prevent reoccurrence of the same problem.

President Shin Okura