Investor Relations

Shareholder Special Benefits

Our company implements a shareholder special benefit plan as part of actions to return profits to our shareholders.

●Applicable Shareholders

Shareholders who own 1 unit (100 shares) or more of shares and who are listed in the Tokai Electronics Co., Ltd. shareholder list or in the list of substantial shareholders as of March 31st.

●Details of Benefit Plan
1 unit 500 yen Quo card 1 card
2 units to less than 10 1,000 yen Quo card 1 card
10 units to less than 20 1,000 yen Quo card 3 cards
20 units or more 1,000 yen Quo card 5 cards
●Period for Sending Benefit Cards
Cards were sent after completion of the periodic general meeting of shareholders in June 2023.

In the future, we shall continue to serve our shareholders through a management strategy which gives priority to consolidated results. We look forward to your continued support.