Overseas Network

Global Partner

Promotion of Global Procurement; PGP

We listen to our customers in detail about their issues and wishes and, leveraging our network that expands across the globe, propose the best combination of suppliers to meet their needs. At Tokai Electronics, our bases around the world leverage our networks to gather information on the latest technologies and products at each location.Then, we can offer good procurement of overseas products with good cost performance.Furthermore, we make timely proposals of the products and technologies our customers are seeking.

Developing new, reliable partnerships with sharp eyes

At each of our overseas base, we carefully select partners based on our own high standards. Working together on a variety of projects, we build up the deep understanding and relationships of trust needed to draw out their outstanding features and proceed smoothly with operations.

“Reverse Trade Fair” initiative for overseas partners

Within the Group, we hold “reverse trade fair” activities for our overseas partners. We invite our supplier manufacturers to an exhibition of our customers’ products that we handle, based on which we discuss specifications and costs with them.