List of partners

Embedded/Development Partner

ADVANCED DATA CONTROLS CORP.Development environmentJapan
BITS CO., LTD.They have open/embedded development teams. Providing solutions from automotive/robot to infrastructure system/cloud.Japan
BWAVE, INC.An engineering company familiar with a wide range of fields from consumer (smartphones, etc.) to automotive. Development support for both software and hardware.China
CRI MIDDLEWARE CO., LTD.Expanding the technology cultivated in game development to the embedded field. Providing sound/video related middleware and developer support tools as lightweight and automotive.Japan
CYBERLINK CORP.Face recognition softwareJapan
DISC INSPECTION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Machine vision application system, Various inspection equipment/ Software developmentJapan
EONAS IT-BERATUNG UND ENTWICKLUNG GmbHThey have a lot of knowledge in motor control technology. Providing motor-driven embedded software development from trial production to mass production.Germany
HITACHI SOLUTIONS TECHNOLOGY, LTD.They have a lot of middleware with keywords such as image recognition/compression and voice recognition/processing represented by ADAS.Japan
NEC SOLUTION INNOVATORS, LTD.They have many embedded software development teams. Providing development solutions for automotive devices such as ADAS image recognition systems and IVIJapan
PROASSIST, LTD.Sensing/control technology, Software developmentJapan
SUNNY GIKEN INC.Providing solutions with the keyword Automotive Network (LIN, CAN, etc.). Development of driver software for embedded microcomputers.Japan
WANTS Inc.Electronic circuit/FPGA design, Software/application developmentJapan