Strengths of Tokai Electronics

We provide total support for solving customers' problems based on understanding their needs, with new reliable technology and marketing, along with our worldwide network.

Founded in 1945.
The Tokai Electronics Group is an electronics solution provider that provides total support for business promotion as a business partner that is close to the wishes of our customers, with the background of providing advanced technology devices, developing high-quality systems, and maintaining our worldwide network.
Based on the experience and know-how cultivated over a long history, we promptly identify changes in the electronics market and lifestyle, and the customers needs, and deliver optimal solutions backed by solid technological capabilities in a timely manner.

The ability to identify our customers’ needs

Our business begins with an accurate understanding of our customers' challenges and needs.
Then, we quickly propose solutions to each problem based on our technical support with a system construction and software development, along with the cooperation with the manufacturers, and various know-how.
So to speak, we are the best partners who provide total support for our customers' business promotion. Our role here is to be as an electronics solution provider.

Marketing that is ahead of the times with advanced technology and challenges

It is our mission as a solution provider to give the required quality and to support your business with percision and timley manner.
To that end, the Engineering Division proposes optimal solutions that meet needs, both in terms of hardware and software. In addition to system development, we aim for comprehensive technical support including after-sales services. Furthermore, the Marketing Division investigates market trends and constantly discovers new products and technologies.
The results are utilized in each solution proposal.

Global network

We have offices in Greater China, Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe to provide optimal solutions to our customers who want to become more competitive in the global market.
We have an unchanging support system next to our customers, such as optimal procurement of overseas products with excellent cost performance, comprehensive logistics utilizing a strong network, and negotiations with overseas manufacturers.