Five focus domains

Environment & Energy

technology for a
comfortable and
friendly society

In the Environment & Energy domain, we propose the promotion of energy conservation and weight reduction in vehicles. We are also actively engaged in the construction of social infrastructure for new energy sources such as wind power generation. Protection of the global environment is an important issue for both companies and society, and we are being called on to keep making progress in this area to an even higher degree. Leveraging our state-of-the-art technologies and knowledge in electronics, we work together with our customers to contribute to the realization of a circular economy that will protect the global environment from various angles.

Initiatives in the Environment & Energy domain

●Promotion of more energy-saving, lighter vehicles

Energy conservation and weight reduction in automobiles are major issues for the electric vehicles of the future. We propose various solutions for inverters and other applications such as efficiency improvement, size reduction, heat radiation, and noise countermeasure. We totally propose the use of new materials and the simplification of systems for weight reduction. We are also working on the adoption of environmentally friendly materials.

●Energy Management

We are actively working on the development of smart infrastructure in Japan and overseas. This includes smart meters, which act an important role in the next-generation power grid, “Smart Grid”, that leverages IT such as telecommunications and networks. We are also striving to develop stand-alone wind power generators that can be installed in places like parks, vending machines, and convenience stores, with the aim of realizing a disaster-proof society. Further, we are pursuing various initiatives for the future, such as the development of contactless recharging systems.

We engage in environment and energy issues
for the future of society and the earth.

Exhibiting at Trade Fairs

As part of our initiatives in the environment business, we exhibit at trade fairs with the theme of Ecomaterial Zone, proposing materials that are environment friendly and introducing technologies and systems that will lead to energy conservation through weight reductions. We also make proposals to reduce the burden on the environment for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).