Five focus domains


Automation and visualization
of factory processes
with Next-generation
Wireless communication,
and Robot sensing

In the IoT・ FA domain, we combine the latest technologies, including Next-generation communication, Wireless communication, and Robot sensing, to offer the best solutions to IoT issues, such as automation, particularly in factories, and visualization of processes. We engage in solutions to our customers’ issues from both hardware and software aspects. We look at what the customer wants to achieve and, instead of simply introducing our own products, we offer solutions that would be totally effective from a system perspective and, with our wealth of expertise in extensive domains, respond to the customer’s wishes and trust.

Initiatives in the IoT・FA domain

●Next-generation communication

We are constantly gauging the latest trends through Hannover Messe in Germany, the world’s largest industrial trade fair, and other sources. We make proposals that look ahead to the future to achieve the large capacities and high speeds needed for factories’ seamless operation.

●Wireless communication

Cord-free wireless communication, which includes attaching sensors to existing equipment for the acquisition of data, is a perfect way to incorporate IoT into conventional manufacturing processes. As well as building wireless systems for our customers, we also provide them with total support, including the measurement and visualization of data and even the subsequent application of that data.

●Robot sensing

The introduction of robots continues to accelerate amid the trends of labor saving and automation in factories. We are intensively working in sensing technologies for even more precise control of robots’ power and movements, so they can perform delicate tasks with greater speed and accuracy.

We develop systems
for IoT issues including factory automation and visualization.

Mold monitoring system, V-Mold®

This system measures and monitors various data from molds (temperature, pressure, fit displacement, flow rate), for the early detection and warning of abnormalities. The system combines sensing technology, wireless communication, and AI-based data analysis.

Projection assembly system

Parts picking instructions, task instructions and videos of tasks are displayed clearly on a projector as a way to prevent work errors. This system also saves video of parts picking outcomes and tasks performed, enabling the visualization of bottleneck tasks and processes for the improvement of production efficiency.