Approach Toward Quality

<Quality Policy>

●Basic Policy

Based on our corporate vision of “Enforce Fundamentals” and “Quality First for Customer!,” Tokai Electronics Co., Ltd. views the concepts of getting the basics right and giving top priority to quality from the customer’s perspective as our most important principles. We will strive to propose reliable and high-quality products and solutions and act to become indispensable partners for our customers. In the belief that good quality is to be found in good thinking, we value the fundamentals such as the basic work environment and proper greetings, language, and appearance, and we will strive to create a work environment that generates good and healthy thinking.

<Examples of Action>

1.By sharing quality-related information extensively, we strive to prevent defects before they happen and to stop them happening again.
2.We hold a quarterly QFC Awards ceremony as an initiative to raise awareness about quality among all employees.
3.We create opportunities for lectures and workshops on quality improvement activities in our endeavors to raise awareness and knowledge about quality.
4.We strive to improve and raise the standard of quality through factory audits and guidance for our suppliers, as well as holding regular meetings about quality with our business partners.
5.We continuously work to build and improve our Quality Management System.

October 1, 2020 Tokai Electronics Co., Ltd.
Shin Okura / President