Electronics technology trading company that offers one-stop solutions for customer's needs. Various devices, system development and all supports in the worldwide basis.

Product Information
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Business Field (Device) 》 Electronics Device Field

Manufacturer Products
Azbil Corporation. Microswitches, Limitswitches, Proximity switches,
Digital indicating controller, Smart recorder, Safety combustion control instruments,
Screen indicator, picture recognition system, FA system
BUFFALO INC. PC peripheral
CBC CO.,LTD. CCD camera, Security system
CKD CORPORATION Air operated valves, Electromagnetic valve, Air cylinder
CONTEC CO.,LTD. Industrial PC Products,SBC&Chasis Products,Wireless LAN
DDK LTD. Pressure touching connector for flat cable, Printed circuit boads,
Rectangular connector, PC card connectors, Coaxial connector,
Optical fibers connector,Cable assembly
EPSON SALES JAPAN CORPORATION Information-related equipment(Cmputers and Peripherals,
Including PCs,printers, Scanners and Projectors)
FDK CO.,LTD. Ferrite, Switching piezo-electoric,Dielectric substance ceramic,
Switching power supply, Stepping motor,Hybrid IC, Lithium battery,
Alkaline battery
FUJITSU LIMITED Computing Products, Server
FURUKAWA ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Heat exchanger, Hybrid power board, Heat pipe
HITACHI CABLE, LTD. FFC, various cables
KISHIRO HIKARI KAGAKU CO.,LTD. Mirror, Optical filter, Tempered glass
KODENSHI CORPORATION Photo Diodes, LED, Photo Interrupters, Encoders
KOKUSAN DENKI CO.,LTD. Geared motors, Actuator motors, DC pulse motors
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION Display Monitors,Multimedia Data/Video Projector,Printers,Video Copy Processor
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED Touch Panel Monitor,Industrial Equipment,Electronic Equipment Design Support Service
NIPRON CO.,LTD. Power Sources
NISSEI CORPORATION Gearmotors, Servomotors, gears
NISSEI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Hair stroke Coaxial line, Special cable
OKI ELECTRIC CABLE CO., LTD. Flat cable, various electric wires
OKI SENSOR DEVICE CORPORATION Reed switches, Reed relays, Shock sensors
SANYO DENKI CO.,LTD. Fan motor, Stepping motor, AC Servo motor & driver,DC Servo motor & driver, UPS
TAMAGAWA SEIKI CO.,LTD. Rotary encoders, Stepper motor, AC servo motor & Driver
TEIKOKU TSUSHIN KOGYO CO.,LTD. Volume, Rotary switch, Resistors
TOKO, INC. Wide range coils, Filter, Dielectric ceramics, Module
TOPRE CORPORATION. Various touch panel
TOSHIBA PERSONAL COMPUTER SYSTEM CORPORATION Toshiba PC & Toshiba Server, Industrial Personal Computer Products
TOUCH PANEL SYSTEMS K.K. Touchmonitor(CRT, LCD, Metal chassis) ,KIOSK

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