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Manufacturer Products
BASF JAPAN LTD. Engineer plastic whole(PA6, PA66, PBT, PET)
DH MATERIAL INC. Unsaturated polyester resins
DOW CORNING TORAY CO.,LTD. Silicones,fluid,Silane coupling agents
FUJILATEX CO.,LTD. Rotary damper
HITACHI CABLE,LTD. Copper Products,Wire & Cable,Rubber
HITACHI METALS, LTD. Neodymium bonded magnets,Ferrite magnets
JAPAN COMPOSITE CO.,LTD. Unsaturated polyester resins
KOJIN CO.,LTD. Resin Molding
MAG-ISOVER K.K. Glass wool thermal insulation / sound absorption material for glass wool insulation material facilities for houses
MAXELL SLIONTEC LTD. Adhesive Tapes(General industrial,Metal-Foil,Filament, Super Butyl,Sports Tapes,Packing Tapes,Agricultural use)
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC METECS CO.,LTD. Phosphor bronzes,Plated alloy Sheets, plates, strips, wires, Nickel silvers, Semiconductor leadframe material, Ferrite, high-strength and high-conductivity copper
MITSUBISHI SHINDOH CO.,LTD. Brass,Semiconductor leadframe material
MIYASAKA RUBBER CO.,LTD. Various rubber products, Compound molding part
MOLYMER SSP CO.,LTD. Glass length fiber, Glass cross
NEOMAX MATERIALS CO.,LTD. Clad metals,Semiconductor package materials
NIPPON MUKI CO.,LTD. Medium performance filters,High-Efficiency particles filters
NIPPON SHEET GLASS COMPANY,LIMITED Metashine, functional glass materials
NIPPON TOKUSHUKAN MFG.CO.,LTD. Capillary tube, Pole capillary tube, Variant pipe
NIPPON TUNGSTEN CO.,LTD. Tungsten/Molybdenum products,Cemented carbide,Ceramics
SHIN-ETSU CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Radiation of heat silicone rubber artefact, silicone rubber sheet
SUMITOMO BAKELITE CO.,LTD. Flexible printed circuit boards,Copper-clad sheets
TAIKA CORPORATION Shock absorption, material (αGEL) for prevention of vibration, radiation of heat sheet
TOAGOSEI CO.,LTD. The adhesive whole(Alone alpha, hotmelt adhesive, high-performance reaction model adhesive)
TOYO SEIHAKU CO.,LTD. Stainless steel, the foil materials of the nonferrous metal, plating processing

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